Kids Ideas

The following ideas have been suggested by the Kids Club children:

Kids Ideas

Pizza Party

Dressing Up

Monster Party

Wizard Party

Cookie Party

The Hut’s Got Talent Show

Colour Party

More x Box Games

Make Up and Nail Art

Biscuit Decorating:
buy digestive biscuits or Rich Tea, make different coloured icing and put out loads of toppings.

Old School Sports Day:
Egg and Spoon Race – 3 Legged Race -Relay

Design a T Shirt:
Get white T shirts and let the children decorate them, then have a fashion parade.

Sponsored Walk/Run or Dance.

Old Clothes Collection:
Collect old clothes and cash in to raise funds.

Masquerade Party:
Make own masks with paper plates, lolly pop sticks and decorations.

Fashion Show.

Open Day:
Have stalls such as – book sale, games, toys etc, have the children involved to invite people and promote Kids Club.

Sweet Christmas Trees:
Green card to make cones, a tin of sweets and let the children stick 24 sweets to it/it doubles as an advent calendar.

Mocktail Making Night.