Internet Safety Quiz


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Question 1

If a website asks you to sign up and give your personal details you should:

 Sign up Check with a friend Check with your parents

Question 2

Which of these is it NOT safe to use the Internet for?

 Homework research Arranging to meet a stranger Chatting to school friends

Question 3

Your parents have told you never to use a chatroom. What should you do?

 Shout and have a tantrum Discuss their reasons with them Go behind their backs and log on

Question 4

If a website tells you to download a file you should:

 Check with your parents Download the file Read the page for instructions

Question 5

You get an email telling you that you won thousands of pounds in a competition. You should

 Ignore the mail and tell your parents Claim the prize Return the email

Question 6

You have been getting nasty text messages from someone at school. You should

 Send nasty messages back Cry and feel sorry for yourself Tell your teacher

Question 7

Someone keeps sending you rude pictures by email. You should

 Open them and save them Don’t open them, tell parents Send rude pictures back

Question 8

A friend wants to know your user name and password for your Myspace/Bebo/Facebook account. You should

 Tell them Break friends with them Politely refuse to give it to them